Bluebell Index closes trading with EISA

Commercial transaction between companies marks a breakthrough in the global environmental market

Bluebell Index, a Brazilian climate tech specialized in the development of tokenized environmental assets, which encompass carbon, water, soil and biodiversity, closed the negotiation of traceable tokens with EISA, a company of the ECOM Group, one of the largest global coffee traders, cotton and cocoa. The announcement of the sale of the environmental token, Bluebell (BBLL), is a breakthrough for the global environmental market.

The technology developed by Bluebell Index represents in digital units the environmental benefits generated by Nature-Based Solutions projects. The assets acquired by EISA originate from the Bom Jardim Pascoal farm, located in the Atlantic Forest biome, in São Vicente de Minas, Minas Gerais. The property practices agriculture and livestock in a sustainable way, which has allowed the improvement of carbon stocks on site.

The project’s traceable tokens are generated byinternational science-based methodologies and Bluebell Index’s proprietary algorithms and include information about the entire project from the beginning, using blockchain technology. This allows investors, companies and governments to invest in climate action projects and contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The news arrives in the midst of COP28, the main global sustainability conference. Bluebell Index also participates in the programming. The company was one of six startups selected by ApexBrasil to represent Brazil during the program.

About the ECOM Group

The ECOM Group, founded in 1849, is one of the largest and most respected commodities trading companies in the world, focusing on sustainability and social responsibility. The company has 40 offices in 35 commodity-producing countries, offering origin services, processing and distribution services. Its main products are coffee, cotton and cocoa, but it also operates in other agricultural segments. The group is renown in the markets where he is present: it is one of the two largest coffee traders in the world; it has the largest coffee mill on the planet; It is among the four largest in the cocoa sector and among the five largest in the cotton sector. These ranking demonstrate its commitment to innovation and leadership in the soft commodities industry.

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