Bluebell for Companies

We can help you to reach your climate goals

Bluebell connects corporations to the landowners, habitats, and communities they impact..

We can enable the compensation of your carbon footprint in a more ecosystemic approach.

With our innovative solution, we empower forward-thinking organizations to create positive brand perceptions while they do their part to reverse climate change.  
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How it Works?

We combine the best science and data available to scale your positive impact.

natural Assessment

Our proprietary algorithm makes the entire process of analysing and valuing existing environmental assets on a property

tech-driven Analytics

We use images made by drones and satellites together with other data sources to supply the algorithm that quantifies and qualifies all this information.

100% Traceable

After analysis, we issue the 'bluebell's which are tokenized environmental assets, that include beyond the carbon offset the positive impact on watersheds, soil and biodiversity; its 100% traceable via blockchain, valued, and traded during its existence.

Why Choose us?

Scalable solution aligned with a systemic view of the environment.

Our solution provides security, transparency and compliance with ESG practices, as Bluebell encompasses several variables, expanding the scale of positive impact and creating innovative and meaningful answers in support of the maintenance of natural ecosystems.

Easy Access

Acquisition of environmental assets with auditable and certified origin

Global Reach

Our methodology is recognized by international auditing and major certifications

Offset the footprint

Compliance with goals and ESG

Social impact

bluebell landowners will support education programs in their communities.


Get to know better the Bluebell framework

Bluebell methodology derives from UNFCCC and FAO/UN standards, that are used by all major players in the green market, carbon markets and other ventures. It is also under certification from AAA major international company, and will be audited by a similar importance company.

Any person or company willing to offset both its carbon or GHG footprint, as also comitted to halt environmental degradation, such as preventable droughts, biodiversity loss and soil destruction, can buy bluebell environmental tokens that provide measurable results and constant upgraded information on its environmental positive impacts and improvement.

The availabality of bluebell tokens will be disclaimed in regular timed schedules, according to the current area under bluebell index management.

ou can send any requests and questions to our team using the methods of your choice, so we can further your understanding of bluebell index procedures!

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