Bluebell For Landowners

Earn income from your natural assets

Explore the environmental potential of your property!

We have the intensive use of technology throughout the process of analyzing rural properties, optimizing investment and facilitating access to the environmental compensation market for landowners of all sizes.

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How it Works?

earn money by managing your forests, wetlands, crops, the whole of your property resources in a sustainable way.

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Our proprietary algorithm makes the entire process of analysing and valuing existing environmental assets on your property.

evaluating property potential

We use images made by drones and satellites together with other available data sources, to feed the algorithm that quantifies and qualifies this information.

Get paid

After analysis, we issue the 'bluebell's' which are tokenized environmental assets, that include beyond the carbon offset the positive impact on watersheds, soil and biodiversity; When this asset is traded, you receive your income.

Why Choose us?

With Bluebell your can start to generate profit seamlessly

We give to you an easier access to the market and the possibility of generating new sources of income in line with the best sustainable practices.

Extra Income

Low Barrier to entry into a fast growing profitable market.

Higher Productivity

We take in consideration your productive areas.

Environmental Crop

Gain in "Delta" on areas without Bluebell.

Incentive to produce better

year-to-year improvement.


Get to know better how Bluebell works.

No. There’re no fees or payments required to participate in the bluebell index assessment.

All our base assessment of information and data will be made through remote sensing, using different sattelite information provided through our partners and also internally acquired. Exceptions may incur, but are fully disclaimed and regulated.

Bluebells are securely tokenized using state of the art technology that both encrypts the data directly to the buyer, as it is linked to the bluebell index environmental assets pool. We use our own platform for this transaction, and all the work on issuing and trading is made by bluebell, so the land owner only needs to wait for the completion of transactions to earn his income.

What is also needed for calibration of the resulting information, is the already established data from the property like previous field analysis and inventories, already made; this info is treated with the due discretion and with full understanding and consent of the property owner.

You can send any requests and questions to our team using the methods of your choice, so we can further your understanding of bluebell index procedures!

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